Turkish adaptation of ACTIVLIM-CP Article Summary

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Reference: Kınık M, Naz I. An investigation of the psychometric properties of the turkish adaptation of the activity limitations in cerebral palsy questionnaire. Disability & rehabilitation. Jul2022, P1-7.


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to test the psychometric properties of the ACTIVLIM-CP after its translation into Turkish.


Study population: The population of this study was 89 children who had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy that were getting physical therapy treatment.


Methods: The researchers in this study first got permission to translate the study from the original authors, then got approval from the ethics board at Izmir Katip Celebi University, then got permission from the location of where the research was held and got informed consent of the parent of the children. This study was done in three phases, translation into Turkish and cross-cultural adaptation, the implementation of the ACTIVLIM-CP along with other outcome measures, then the psychometric analysis of the outcome measures.


Outcome measures: This study firstly looked at the ACTIVLIM-CP, but it also assessed the GMFCS, WeeFIM, ABILOCO Kids, ABILHAND Kids, and the PEDI for comparison and validity and reliability.


Intervention: The ACTIVLIM-CP was administered once then again four months later to assess test-retest reliability. This measure is a caregiver report measure.


Results: The results from this study showed the ACTIVLIM-CP translation into Turkish to be a valid and reliable measure that can contribute to the assessing global performance and activity limitation in children with CP.


Strengths: The strengths of this article include a comparison of the results of the ACTIVLIM-CP to other outcome measures which assisted in confirming that it was a reliable and valid outcome measure. Another strength of this article is that this is they followed as close to the same outline and assessment as possible to the original study to assess the ACTIVLIM-CP so this again helps to confirm that the Turkish translated version is still a reliable and valid measure.


Limitations: Some limitations of this study include that the sample size is smaller and had to be continually decreased as people did not answer the questionnaires correctly. Another limitation is the results depend on the caregivers accurately filling out the questionnaire. The sample was also from the only two areas so that could not allow for generalizability according to the article.


Conclusion: The overall conclusion of this article was that the Turkish translated version of the ACTIVLIM-CP is a valid and reliable assessment and therefore is an additional resource. The authors of this article believe having access to this research will help with the research on assessment of global activity performance or global activity limitations.


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