BHA Recap

About a month into the semester, the Class of 2017 decided to partner with the Burlington Housing Authority in order to begin developing our local project. We decided to work with BHA’s after school program and create lesson plans related to sustainable agriculture and healthy living. We began sending 3 to 4 members of our group to the site once a week to teach a brief lesson and engage in some sort of interactive activity.

Everything seemed to be going really well for the first few weeks of the semester, and the kids seemed to really love our presence! We are so happy to say that during out last visit of the semester, the kids expressed their sincere happiness for our time spent at the center! We did a recap activity with the kids in which we asked them to share their favorite lessons and some things they learned during our time with them. We were so impressed with how well the students retained the information and how enthusiastic they remained up until our last visit.

The students were sad to hear that it was our final week, but they are so excited for us to continue working with them in the spring! We have spoken with the administration at BHA and we hope to plan an event with them towards the end of the year to highlight all of the work we have done with the kids.

This semester has had some tough moments for the Class of 2017, but BHA has consistently been such a positive part of our group and we are SO happy to have the opportunity to work with them! We can’t wait to get back in the new year!

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