2017 Class Update: Nov. 8th

The Class of 2017 started off our time together this week with some logistical tasks, such as who is going to the BHA next week, who is writing the blog post for the week, etc. Our BHA visits seem to be going really well, and everyone who has gone so far has had an excellent time! We also discussed Cookies to Go-Go, which is being held TONIGHT (November 9th). Put in an order and support the Class of 2017 while eating delicious cookies!

Our class then moved into committee updates (Local, Marketing/Fundraising, and Conference). The local committee did not have too much to update, other than the fact that our visits have been very valuable to both the kids and ourselves. The marketing and fundraising committee gave a few updates on things like reserving and signing up to work Moseley tables for meal swipes in a few weeks, creating swag for the conference, and our YouCaring fundraising page. Lastly, we moved into the conference committee, which is where we spent the remainder of our class. To our dismay, things have not exactly been turning out the way we have expected them to. This is due to difficult communication across parties, as well as the inability to make future plans as a result of non-definitive answers. The conversation we had mostly revolved around the budget that we had been given for the conference, all of which we were expected to pay; however, this budget was approximately double of what we are able and had intended on paying. A time-sensitive revision of this budget is currently in the works. Every member of our conference committee is a rockstar and has been so incredibly patient and mature through this entire process. And at the end of the day, our class is all in this together and will do everything in our power to make sure that this project happens. More developments on the way!


The Class of 2017

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