Class of 2016, April 21st Update

We have been working hard with our partners H4HC, Summit in Honduras, and LUPE. A few students in our class have developed a curriculum to use for the LUPE classes to provide some structure and flow between weeks.

The Summit committee had another great skype session with Maggie about future projects and the (possible) trip to Honduras next winter term. Both Karen and Maggie are in agreement that it would be an enriching experience for our class to visit Honduras to see the work we are doing in person.

In addition, we’ve also been discussing the stole design and creation with Karen and the boys in H4HC. We hope to pay the boys to make and embroider them and get them before graduation next year.

We also wanted to congratulate the Class of 2018 on their acceptance and induction into the Periclean Scholars program! We are all looking forward to the great things your class will accomplish in the next three years.

Peace and love,

Jen Adams

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