Class of 2018, welcome to the Periclean family!

Today we had the honor of inducting the 13th class into Periclean Scholars. The class of 2018 will be focusing on Zambia for the next three years and they are lucky to have Dr. Steve Braye as their mentor. Dr. Braye also headed the class of 2009 and they too focused on Zambia. To start off the induction ceremony, Dr. Arcaro talked about Periclean Scholars and how meaningful the program is. One thing he told the class of 2018 that really stuck out was “what you do in these next three years is up to you.” Dr. Arcaro is completely right about this, it is exciting to know that we have a new class with new possibilities and we are sure that they will do incredible things. After Dr. Arcaro, Dan Baum, the executive director of the Redwoods Group Foundation, came up to speak. Mr. Baum went with the class of 2009 to Zambia to help implement their project and it caused such an impact that he became certified and started to lead habitat humanity trips to Zambia. Mr. Baum made a very important point that was good for the new class to hear right off the bat. He said “be prepared to work with people instead of working for them.” It is important to go into a community and find out what they actually need and then work along side them instead of going in and completing a service project as an outside group. We then had speakers from each current class come up and discuss what they have been doing. Each person spoke eloquently and had good words of advice for the new class. Following the class updates the Periclean of the Year Award was presented to Morgan Abate. Because Morgan is abroad everyone attending the ceremony got to skype her and watch the award be presented virtually. Finally, Dr. Braye said a few words and the class of 2018 was inducted. The best part of the night was when each member of the class of 2018 popped a balloon to find out who their mentor was.

Congratulations to the class of 2018! We cannot wait to see what you accomplish in your next 3 years together.

Peace, love, Periclean.

Haley and Dani

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