Class of 2016 April 7th class notes

First, we spent about 10-15 minutes in small group discussion about the homework for today, which was to watch an 18 minute documentary along with an accompanying article about the dangers that journalists are facing in Honduras. We then reconvened to discuss our thoughts. We talked about the large role that the government is playing in the violence in Honduras, in addition to the influence that transnational organizations are having on conflicts. Furthermore, we discussed the phrase, “Latin America as America’s backyard” and how that might relate to aid and service work. More specifically, the language and rhetoric that is used to reference aid is usually paternalistic or assertive in nature.

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We were also able to have a quick Skype conversation with Erin Luther, one of our class members who is currently abroad in Spain. She relayed some of her experiences there such as playing soccer with locals and information about her classes. She also discussed the differences between learning Spanish there and in Argentina. She found that she was more accustomed to Spanish in Argentina because she took a language class that informed her of common phrases and customs in the language.

After our Skype with Erin, we had committee updates and I think the class is pleased with the progress we are making. The LUPE committee has decided to help LUPE become a 501C rather than applying for grants. They are also planning to attend the next LUPE board meeting, trying to schedule a dinner with Blanca, and are looking into opening the El Centro fitness classes to LUPE.

The Elon Summit committee is also making a lot of progress. Aidan is in contact with the Moseley Center, and has reserved several locations. There has also been a date set for the Summit: February 20, 2016! The Summit is titled, “People, Planet, Profit,” the general programming is complete, the email is ready to be sent to potential organizations, and the budget is finalized. Additionally, Savannah submitted a Fund for Excellence grant to help fund the Summit.

We are also looking forward to Cookies-to-go-go this week, our largest fundraising event. Lexi reported that we have over $100 in orders currently, and Isabel is handling the advertising and social media. We discussed logistics for the fundraiser such as kitchen locations, cooking supplies, and the need for a social media blast.


We reserved announcements for the end of class, where we discussed the Induction ceremony next Thursday and the need for each member of our class to be present. We also voted on a t-shirt design. Finally, we split up into committees to catch up and finalize any plans for the upcoming week. Summit in Honduras committee is planning to talk with Maggie soon, as she recently responded to our emails. Dr. Arcaro stopped by the class to remind us of the induction and inform us of the speaker, Kevin, who has been with Periclean since 2007 and knows the program very well. We are looking forward to the induction and Kevin’s speech. Dr. Arcaro also relayed that the newest class has 33 very promising and enthusiastic students being inducted. We are excited to welcome them!

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