Steering Committee 4/25

At the end of the semester, every class should have an updated resume. What did you read? What partnerships did you form? How is your journey going?

In order for these to be useful, we need to critique ourselves. Talk about the blind alleys that your class went down. What went wrong? Give the younger classes something they can learn from. It will help them in their own journey and to avoid their own blind alleys. The resumes should go onto the blog, in the resume section. Also post them in your own class’ section!

We should form a history page for Elon University Periclean Scholars. Perhaps this could happen on a wiki page? It would be editable over time, and each of the classes’ (past, present, and future) could contribute. It could also be a resource for future classes, especially with research about the program that they just got themselves into.


We are close to having a winter term course count as an upper level GST!


We (Dr. Arcaro, Dr. Arangala with Paul Anderson) are asking for a small grant focusing on writing within the Periclean Scholars. It will start a letter writing program. These letters would go to policy makers that have an impact on each class’ partner country. For example, the US ambassador to Mexico. This program would also address the QEP focus on writing. As the program continues, it could be a resource for future classes and guide them toward which types of letters write and what type of officials are ideal to target.

If you go to your embassy’s Facebook page for your partner country (Mexico, Haiti, etc), it will give you updates on happenings within the country and within the Americans residing in the country.

There has been an idea to hold a pan-Periclean seminar every semester with Kurt Moore to talk about how to get money for your particular class. Other ideas have included a pan-Periclean grant writing workshop, building a certification for all the effort/hours that we have put in. It would be homologous to a minor, however there are curriculum complications that prevent taking it that far. (As we have seen with the upper level GST)


Both Dr. Arangala and Dr. Arcaro are going to be abroad next spring. (Dr. Arangala is traveling on a Fulbright scholarship!) Steve Braye will be the temporary director. He will be around in the fall to facilitate the transition.

If you have a faculty member that you think would be a good fit for mentorship, tell Dr. Arcaro/Dr. Arangala! They are always on the lookout.


Class Updates:

2013: A lot of graduation and sustainability activities.

They’re hosting a pizza party with the 2016s! The class is also looking for them to try out continuing the workshops already in place.

Baseball game with the women they have been working with, and a bbq beforehand as an end of year celebration.

They are doing about a five minute presentation at the Leaders of the 21st Century on what their class did and why it’s important in the Elon experience. (Two years ago, the Leaders of the 21st Century is a night before graduation celebration that showcases notable students. Recently, the Periclean Scholars have been added into this ceremony. Each program made a video, but this year they’re not.)

On a side note, there has been a tradition of each graduating class wearing a stole at graduation that is made their partner area.


2014: The class is applying for grants over the summer.

Yesterday, they set dates for their next trip! The week before classes start.

They’ve been working towards having classing for the PODS and forming what they will address during these classes.

Smaller projects: Garden Bed: a donation letter is currently being edited and then being sent to the regional and local hardware stores.


2015: The class is currently working collectively to define their own program, goals, and identity so that they can continue to form mutually beneficial and productive partnerships. They have heard back from many possibilities, but need a cohesive way to move forward and gain momentum. Homework would be a good a way to ensure continued progress; something that can be accomplished outside of the class time and is tangible/measurable.

They hosted an informal dinner with the class of 2016 yesterday on Young Commons to welcome and get to know them.


Another side note:

Periclean Foundation: founded by the class of 2012 last spring. Any class’ remaining money must go into this fund at graduation; it doesn’t go into a class alumni fund. Anyone can contribute/donate to this Foundation. Parents, alum, wealthy philanthropists…

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