Steering Committee 3/21

Members of the inaugural Class of Cuidadanos Globales from the University of Monterrey will be visiting with their founding director Professor Hector Gomez de la Paz on April 9th-12th (overlapping the Class of 2016  Induction). We would like to host them with members of the Class, instead of putting them up in a hotel. Perhaps we could find members of current Periclean Classes that has the capacity to provide them a place to sleep and store their belongings. By visiting, we hope to show what it’s like to be an Elon Periclean


Funds for Excellence: anyone can apply, students or faculty, for up to $5,000 for programming. Last year, we used it for the week of reflection on human trafficking during the ’15’s Induction, and we have it again for a week of reflection on corporate responsibility. So far, one day is for environmental corporate responsibility. For the induction, Tesla Mellage works for Cargil International, which has a good history in partnering and development as far as sustainable outreach goes for corporations. She is also Honduran and will speak about what it will be like to work in that area.


’06’s did a film called, “Testing Positive,” and their screening raising money for Alamance Cares here in Alamance County. It was based on a short story, and told the story of  a student who finds out that she is HIV+.  A second narrative film what produced in 2008 entitled A River’s Reach that focused on students’ transformation from apathy to awareness and eventual global citizenship. We  could use these resources to create another project similar to the ’06’s  and ’08’s films. We could use students in the Theatre program who don’t necessarily get as much screen cover as they would like, and Communications students get to put their skills into a real-world application. There are many venues that Pericleans can reach an audience, and perhaps we should further explore artistic venues. We would be contributing ideas for a screen play. This could be especially pertinent to the Restavek situation, as it’s easier to talk about sensitive topics through a fictional story than directly addressing the current issue. The idea isn’t just for particular classes; it could be a Pan-Periclean project. Toxic Charity may be a good starting point.


Class Updates:

’13: The Class is currently doing pods for Global Experience classes this week. The class is also looking into how to make their project sustainable by bringing in more students to work with the Hispanic women. Creating presentations for Elon courses is a great feat as well as a great service, and lays down a great path for future classes.

’14: The Class’s main focus is grant-writing. They have reached out a member of AppVoices and is coming to talk about the topic and the process associated with it. They’re also starting to plan a trip after their graduation. They also revamped some of their committees to focus and move forward on various projects.

’15: The Class is moving forward in planning the Freshmen Induction. They have plans for preparing food, the program, and the flow of the event. They are also in a formative stage in their partnership development, but are making great progress in not only identifying possible projects, but deciding on their own strengths and goals.


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