Greetings from Dr. Arcaro’s Office

Sara and KatieKatie and Sara P visit Elon!

We got to hang out with some other Pericleans and Dr. Arcaro.  On Saturday, we went to Pandora’s Pies with five current 2010 members.  There are a lot of changes, but we are happy to report that Smitty’s is now on campus.  Our on-campus Pericleans are carrying on the


legacy, and we were excited to hear what they are up to!  We discussed methods to further strengthen relations between current and alum Pericleans.  For example, Sara and Cara are talking about how to connect Elon’s Sierra Club to Sara’s 6th grade science class at Turrentine middle school.  We discussed post-grad life as well as happenings around Elon.

Here is a picture for our pan-Periclean event starting left with Will (’13), Sara (’10), Katie (’10), Cara (’14), Emily (’15), David (’16), and Jordan (’14) kneeling.  David may look familiar as he is brothers with fellow Periclean, Dan, a 2012 alum.

Also, look forward to our book reviews of Toxic Charity and That the World May Know.  Toxic Charity (common reading for the Class of 2013) focuses on faith based charities and its impact on those they seek to help.  That the
World May Know is a discourse on the ethics surrounding aid of genocide victims.

Best wishes~

Katie & Sara

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    Love that you guys got a chance to hang out and totally agree with Sara and Katie – it’s super exciting to have so many younger members carrying the legacy! Jordan, Dan, Dan, Yasmine, Cara, Will, Emily, and David – you play such a critical role in keeping our mission alive and strong not only with our local and global community partners, but with our class itself. Thank you for your passion, devotion and hard work!