Stuff Happens… Stories of Change, Transition, and Transformation | Carolyn Rauch

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Carolyn Rauch is a senior history major at Elon University, with minors in Leadership and Education. Carolyn belongs to Lutherans, Episcopalians and Friends (L.E.A.F) and Epsilon Sigma Alpha service sorority. She also has been an Elon 101 Teaching Assistant for three years. After graduation, Carolyn is planning to attend graduate school to complete a Masters in Student Activities Administration and pursue a career working with students at the college level. In her time at Elon, there have been many events that helped Carolyn discover the pathway into college administration. She started college as a high school history education major, but transitioned to administration of college during her sophomore year. Many Elon faculty and staff mentors have helped Carolyn make that transition between majors and career choices possible through support, challenges and advice.