Daily Institute Schedule

The institute will begin with a welcome dinner on the evening of Sunday, June 18. Starting on the first Monday, the schedule will be as follows:

9 A.M. – 12 P.M.: Seminar with one or more scholars (director and/or visiting scholar)
12 P.M. – 1 P.M.: Lunch
1 P.M. – 3 P.M.: Individual meetings with director and/or visiting scholars or work on your own
3 P.M. – 4 P.M.: Small group meetings among participating faculty

On the final two days of the institute, the afternoons will be dedicated to presentations by the participants on their teaching and research projects. The institute will then conclude with a celebratory dinner.

The institute is designed to allow participants to study the philosophical aspects of the phenomenon of sexual violence under the guidance of a diverse set of scholars, all of whom have made valuable contributions to the field. Each visiting scholar will teach one seminar solo and then another seminar in partnership with another visiting scholar; this overlap will allow the different perspectives of the scholars to come into sharp focus. After an initial introductory seminar led by the director, the morning seminars will center on five distinct themes.

Obviously, these themes overlap in compelling ways, and our discussions will not consider them in isolation. Collectively, they represent a rigorous exploration of the meanings of sexual violence, and how those various meanings are produced, challenged, and transformed.

Date Facilitator Theme
Mon., June 19 Ann J. Cahill A Philosophical Orientation to the Question of Sexual Violence
Tues., June 20 Susan Brison Power, Inequality, and Justice
Wed., June 21 Nicola Gavey and Susan Brison Embodiment and Vulnerability
Thurs., June 22 Nicola Gavey Consent and its Limits
Fri., June 23 Renee Heberle The Role of the State
Mon., June 26 Renee Heberle and Louise du Toit Power, Inequality, and Justice
Tues., June 27 Louise Du Toit Power, Inequality, and Justice
Wed., June 28 Debra Bergoffen Embodiment and Vulnerability
Thursday, June 29 Debra Bergoffen and Sarah Clark Miller Globalism, Localism, and Difference
Friday, June 30 Sarah Clark Miller Globalism, Localism and Difference