US and China- Human Rights

May 10 2011

US and China- Human Rights

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The United States pushed China for economic reforms in a two-day annual dialogue that opened on Monday. The differences of the US and China were extremely obvious, however, it looks like both countries want cooperation from one another. The US feels as though the human rights violations are an ongoing problem, but China disagrees in saying that human rights is getting better and better and that the US should get to know the “real” China.

Vice President Joe Biden, was extremely open about his views and concerns on human rights. He said hat protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms in China’s constitution is the best way to have long-term stability in any society. Obama and Hilary Clinton expressed similar views to Biden.

Chinese State Counselor Dai Bingguo, however, disagrees with the US and believes that China is making great strides, especially regarding human rights.

Clinton said:

“Some in our country see China’s progress as a threat to the United States; some in China worry that America seeks to constrain China’s growth. We reject both of those views. We both have much more to gain from cooperation than from conflict. The fact is that a thriving United States is good for China and a thriving China is good for America.”

It will be interesting to see how the relationship between US and China will go in the future…will this problem be resolved or will it end in unwanted conflict?

3 Responses to “US and China- Human Rights”

  1. bbrant Says:

    I think we may only simply be insisting, and if we are thats the only thing i feel we need to do. We have no right to tell China how to run their country especially if they are insisting that there has been progress. China has grown economically as a nation, and it does seem that a lot of radical policies once heavily depicted in China has diminish some.

  2. mdattilo Says:

    China should be watched very carefully in the next several years as they become a world super power. They have been known to work against some of their agreements with other countries. Their internet censorship allows them to limit the information that is realized to the public and to the rest of the world. China needs to be watched in the future because of their close proximity to North Korea and other volatile countries.

  3. eferchau Says:

    The Clinton quote is very reassuring to me that the relationship between the US and China will remain a good one. But, of course this was Clinton saying this. It would have meant so much more if someone from China had said it. For on we know they could me saying, “Ha we really tricked them this time.” Well i hope that is not the case.

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