Syrian Unrest Continues to Grow

May 10 2011

Syrian Unrest Continues to Grow

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The situation in Syria continues to spiral out of control, and the international community is growing concerned. As reports trickle out of the conflict riddled country through the regime that is cracking down hard on any kind of opposition, humanitarian groups have not been allowed access to the city of Deraa, where security forces are believed to have been especially brutal in the past few days. Deraa has not been accessible for two weeks since military forces were sent in to regain control of the city. The EU has issued an arms embargo on Syria and is severely restricting 13 high ranking members of the Syrian government, limiting their bank accounts and preventing travel.

It appears as if the Syrian government has been using soccer stadiums as makeshift prisons, as their military and security forces tear through cities arresting families en masse. The families are reportedly locked inside of soccer stadiums under extremely heavy security. Hundreds are reported to have been killed in demonstrations, which security forces are breaking up violently. The dead are not permitted to have funerals, as Syrian officials fear the funerals may turn into protests and demonstrations.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Government is releasing claims that it has gained the upper hand. Apparently the government is accepting the deaths as necessary in quelling the rebellion, and believe that opposition is beginning to falter through fear and force. A spokeswoman claims that Syria is used to adapting to crises, and is prepared to deal with the international backlash as it believes what it has done is right.

Many believe that the United States should intervene in Syria- I disagree, and I accept that my reasons for disagreeing are extremely controversial. However, regardless of how totalitarian and unjust the Syrian government is being in this situation, at least they are demonstrating control, something that is very rare in the Middle East at this point in time. Countless governments have been facing extreme criticism, and I believe part of Syria’s criticisms may be coming from people who are seeing the success in other countries and believe that they can make a positive change in Syria as well. I think that a revolution in Syria would only lead to further violence as various factions struggle to gain control of the country following any kind of revolution. Additionally, from a very greedy, American perspective, we shouldn’t be trying to get ourselves involved in any more Middle Eastern disputes. Let them work it out on their own.

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  1. bbrant Says:

    The Syrian country is rebelling an unjust government. That is proven if the government is willing to arrest by the masses citizens and families. There is a difference between treason by and individual and the demand for change by an entire nation. For this I do believe the U.S should intervene in some way even if it is not physical presence.

  2. cdahl2 Says:

    The Syrian government at the helm of Bashar al Assad will not stop unless militarily ousted, in my opinion. They aren’t killing protesters on a massive enough scale to warrant international intervention just yet. But this begs the question, how long will the Syrian people be able to continue the civil unrest? Al Assad has proved he is absolutely unwilling to recuse his power, and the Syrian people have no hope of any armed resistance. I agree that we should not involve ourselves in this dispute, as the US government has overextended itself too much already, especially with the Libya conflict.

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