Schools or Dropout Programs?

May 10 2011

Schools or Dropout Programs?

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Youth in the United States are become dumber and dumber. American children are struggling to keep up with the rest of the world in math, science, and reading.  One scholar says, “American 15-year-olds ranked 14th in reading, 17th in science and 25th in math in a study of students in 34 nations and nonnational regions”.  This fact alone raises the question why are we giving our youth the summer off from school. As other countries begin to surpass American children in education many are worried about the future.

“As it stands, only eight of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries that took part in the study in 2009 have a lower high school graduation rate than we do. It’s so bad in some schools, educators have a nickname for them: dropout factories.”

The current condition of American schools could have severe economic impact in the future.  If in the next 20 years Americans boost their math and science scores by 25 points the US will receive 41 trillion dollars over their lifetime.  Though the United States is a very rich country we cannot afford to leave all of this money behind.  That brings the question that if the US was to have school in the summer will the advantage outweigh the disadvantage?  If you have heard somewhere that China will surpass the US economy by 2016 and are surprised you should be considering that Shanghai is currently number 1 in education.

The United States needs to address this problem in some way in the near future.  The US has one of the shortest school years at 180 days.  South Korea has 220 days school year and is number 2 in reading and science.  Finland has a 190 day year and is 1st in math and science.  Looking at these two programs America has something two aspire to.  If the US does not step up their education program we will be surpassed in the near future and leave our seat as a world power.

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  1. bbrant Says:

    I think that dumb is a harsh attribute to give american children. I’, sure if we measured how technologically incline today’s youth are compared to past studies it may suggest that children are simply being educated and exposed to a different field of study.

  2. eferchau Says:

    Personally I feel we need to prepare ourselves to hand over the title as world super power to another country. As horrible as that is to say, the USA doesn’t care enough to fight for it. Kids are dropping out at higher rates, and that has much to do with the out dated American Education system. So politicians wont change the system and students wont learn anything. If no ones going to try then we might as well let a country who will try run the world.

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