Osama raid breach of Pakistani Sovereignty?

May 10 2011

Osama raid breach of Pakistani Sovereignty?

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Last Sunday a team of US navy Seals, one of America’s premier fighting forces. stormed a secured house in Abottobad, Pakistan, an hour north of the capital. The team killed Osama bin Laden in the raid along with two other Pakistani males protecting him, and in doing so the major question has to be inquired, did they violate the national sovereignty of Pakistan? Obviously they did, having knowingly crossed into another country’s borders without prior consent with a fighting force intended on a kill mission. The relations with US-Pakistani diplomats has been strained recently, especially amidst the increased drone attacks along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. President Obama specifically ordered that the assault force choppering in be large enough to combat any Pakistani forces that may have attempted to intervene.

Mr. Obama’s decision to increase the size of the force sent into Pakistan shows that he was willing to risk a military confrontation with a close ally in order to capture or kill the leader of Al-Qaeda.

The assault force was a blatant and aggressive action in a country that is supposed to be our ally. Are they not wrong to be angered? Because the US has the military and technological capabilities to avoid detection is it acceptable to invade another country? In this instance I would argue yes because of the kill order on the high valued target, Osama bin Laden. If the Pakistani intelligence service, the ISI, knew of the mission it would have been highly probable that Osama might have evaded the kill mission. But in the future, we will need Pakistan on our side as much as possible with the war in Afghanistan still raging on with a continued unstable government and military.

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  1. eferchau Says:

    I feel that we can’t make exceptions right now. If we are “allied” with another country that is withholding information from us, we can be on their side. I am not saying that we need to become their enemies, but i do firmly believe that at this point the USA needs to stand strong on its decisions and not make exceptions. Our country is strong, so lets start acting like it. Pakistan lied to us, so we cut ties and move on.

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