Osama Bin Laden Mission Agreed to in 2001

May 10 2011

Osama Bin Laden Mission Agreed to in 2001

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While browsing the internet today, I found an extremely interesting article, and although I could find few corroborating articles, I still find it intriguing enough to deserve a post on the blog, as I feel it explains a lot regarding the confusion over Pakistan’s involvement with Bin Laden.

Apparently, in 2001, Musharraf and Bush made an agreement that should the United States be able to confirm the location of Osama Bin Laden within Pakistan, they would be able to raid and kill him unilaterally and Pakistan would not stop them. This agreement appears to have come into effect shortly after Bin Laden nearly escaped the United States in 2001 in Tora Bora.

Forbes analyzes this post by The Guardian and agrees that it makes sense. The United States is claiming Pakistan had no prior knowledge of the attack, and Pakistan is raising a huge fuss about how the U.S. shouldn’t have invaded their country, and are threatening that any future raids may result in full force retaliation. However, they are not actually doing anything at the moment, nor did they necessarily try aggressively to stop the United States’ mission.

Although this story does not have nearly the coverage to support the claim, and the Guardian is the only website that is publishing the story as a true fact, it does make very much sense. In this way, Pakistan would not necessarily feel obligated to disclose Bin Laden’s whereabouts, which it seems likely they knew about. It also explains their behavior- by claiming they had no prior knowledge and that they disagree with the U.S. actions, they gain support from the people by letting them think that they were harboring the criminal, who has a large fan base in the middle East, and they did not give him up. It also allowed the United States to take action when they DID locate him, without necessarily having a huge disagreement with Pakistan regarding whether or not they were allowed to attack him. The story makes sense- granted, if it is an imagined news report that someone came up with, it would obviously be doctored to fit the circumstances very well. Regardless, if the United States does not begin to crack down on Pakistan for potentially harboring this criminal among others without revealing their location to us, this agreement could explain our government’s actions.

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  1. mdattilo Says:

    This is an interesting take on the current issue with Pakistan. I like the idea that pakistan could have potentially let Osama live in the country until the US forces found him. They may have been hiding him because reveling his location could be more detrimental for their country.

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