Mississippi River Flooding Headed Towards Memphis

May 10 2011

Mississippi River Flooding Headed Towards Memphis

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The Mississippi River continues to rise to record high levels since the 1930s. The flooding has reached Memphis, TN and is swamping homes and forcing hundreds of people out of their homes. Officials are confident that the levees will protect Memphis from the serious flooding. Memphis is home to some of the world’s most famous musical landmarks. Graceland and Beale Street are both located in Memphis, however they are not in areas that will be affected to the water.

Over 1,300 houses have been informed about the damages the flood may cause and to be prepared. Proper clean up plans have been established, however officials believe the worst is over.

“Where the water is today, is where the water is going to be,” according to chief of geotechnical engineering for the Army Corps of Engineers in Memphis, Cory Williams.

Bob Nations, director of the Shelby County Emergency Management Agency, ensure that the river levels are “going to recede slowly, it’s going to be rather putrid, it’s going to be expensive to clean up, it’s going to be labor intensive.”

In Louisiana, officials have begun evacuating prisoners in the states harshest penitentiary. They also opened floodgates that will “relieve pressure on the levees outside New Orleans.”

It worries me how confident officials are that the flood won’t have a huge affect on Memphis. I hope they are correct, however I believe it is better to be safe than sorry. We have had several natural disasters within the past five years and we need to be prepared as much as possible for another one. I am glad to see proper steps have been taken to ensure an effective cleanup system, however I hope they are evacuating enough people.

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  1. bbrant Says:

    I, agree there has been too much loss from natural disasters, a lot having to do with ill preparation. Officials should also prefer to be safe than sorry and take the proper measure to ensure their residence safety.

  2. mdattilo Says:

    Memphis is under a state of emergency right now from the severe flooding. This is an unfortunate disaster that can remind the american people that bad things can happen in the US as well. While the flooding is tragic and will ruin many homes it will not effect the NBA playoffs between Oklahoma City and Memphis. This shows that the city can stay on its feet during disaster times.

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