May 10 2011

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Arizona takes controversial immigration law to Supreme Court
The state of Arizona is seeking to have the injunction issued by the state court against its immigration law, SB 1070 lifted. The Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is “confident” it will be lifted. The governor stated, “For decades, the federal government has neglected its constitutional duty to secure the border. It is because of that negligence that Arizona was forced to take action to protect its citizens via SB 1070.” In addition to many other measures, if lifted the law will require “required local law enforcement in Arizona to apprehend and help deport illegal immigrants.” Advocates argue this will lead to racial profiling. The state counters that it will lead to greater protection of Arizona citizens.
New Spy Plane can be Flown by Pilot
Military producer, Northrop Grumman Corp. issued a statement stating that its new spy plane can be used as a drone or piloted. “The company says its Firebird intelligence-gathering system will allow users to gather and transmit high-definition video, infrared video, radar, and listen in on communications at the same time.” The air craft is noted to fly up to 30,000 feet, “with an endurance time as long as 40 hours The aircraft will be shown to the Joint Forces Command during the 2011 Empire Challenge completion.
13 killed in clash on Mexico-U.S. border lake
“Twelve suspected members of the Zetas drug gang and a member of Mexico’s Navy were killed in a shootout on an island in a lake that straddles the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said Monday.” The shoot out occurred between Texas and Tamaulipas, a state in Mexico. It is believed that the drug traffickers where storing marijuana to be transported to the US off the shores of the lake. Officials seized weapons and ammunition among other things after the encounter.
I chose these three articles because they all had something in common: a nation’s borders. One of the biggest issues for the United States is mainlining safety along its border with Mexico. For decades, illegal immigrants have smuggled humans and narcotics into the country by this measure. Likewise, another border that is vital to US security is that between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The new drone/pilot spy plane will allow the US to better secure the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. The US has come under attack for the number of civilian lives lost due to drone attacks in Pakistan. With this new plane, a pilot will be able to better identify civilians and prevent the lost of innocent life. In the earlier ages, border security was vital to the sovereignty of a nation, still today, border security is a most in the archaic international community.

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