More freedoms for Cuba?

May 09 2011

More freedoms for Cuba?

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Cuba is taking large steps in an attempt to make international travel more available for their people. Right now, Congress agreed to “study a policy that will allow Cuban residents in the country to travel abroad as tourists”. Actually action and policy change has not been discussed. It should be noted that Cubans are not forbidden from international travel, but must go through a series of requirements and fees must be paid before an exit visa can be granted.

Alongside this, Cuba has also made an official statement that “it is legalizing the sale of real-estate and cars and expanding the ranks of private cooperatives that could serve as engines for the spluttering economy, among other major changes”

These new reforms will hopefully pull Cuba’s economy out of a deep fiscal “morass” while keeping the communist values Fidel Castro established.

Alongside the guidelines for the resale of cars, converting public buildings into housing for residents to ease the housing shortages.

Actions like these will hopefully be a positive impact upon Cuba, however will the government still be able to maintain strong control over their people with these more freedoms? Allowing them to leave and travel and learn more about international and domestic policy will the people of Cuba still be in support  of communism?

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  1. mrurka Says:

    While I do believe that Cuba is making a lot of important reforms that will undoubtedly be popular among many of its citizens, I think that it is also important to note that many citizens will be very unhappy with these reforms, specifically the large number of employees that the government plans to lay off in order to promote privatization.

  2. jweiss5 Says:

    Considering everything going on both domestically and internationally, Cuba is so far off of my radar right now, this seems to be coming out of left field. My question is: what’s with the sudden interest for Cuba to let its people travel abroad? I see that it isa move to revive Cuba’s economy, but why give people these pseudo freedoms when Cuba is still ruled under Communistic values? I think that if Cubans are given more freedom to travel and experience the world outside their own, they will realize that they have little freedom relative to the rest of the world.

  3. crice6 Says:

    I feel that this will be a good first move for cuba in this age of globalization. They will have no successful future economically if they cannot relax their communist ways somewhat like china has been doing recently in moving toward a more state capitalist system.

  4. jouellette3 Says:

    I find it amazing that Cuba is still one of the more isolated/Communist nations in the world. I feel like Cuba has an enormous potential for economic growth and success. With a proximity so close to the United States and a gorgeous landscape, it is tough to imagine why Cuba would not have a bustling tourism and vacation based economy. Hopefully this step towards a free-market economy for Cuba in the future, which would most likely patch up US-Cuba relations.

  5. mdattilo Says:

    Cuba is one of the last communist states new North America. The government should allow for growth and expansion which will allow them to enter the international system with more confidence.

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