Usama’s “Support Network”

May 08 2011

Usama’s “Support Network”

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Bin Laden’s discovery has unveiled crucial information to help the War on Terror although it is far from coming to a close. The continued efforts from the Bush administration has brought justice to the tragedies of September 11th and has shed light on exactly how U.S. enemy number one was able to remain undiscovered for 10 years.

Pakistan’s knowledge of Bin Laden’s location was once a suspicion but has now been validated. Although U.S. officials claim that Pakistan remains a U.S. ally the country has been far from honest about Bin Laden’s whereabouts. Further investigation leads many Americans to believe that people inside and outside of the Pakistan government were aware of Bin Laden’s status. Which makes many curious of Pakistan’s overall involvement if any in Usama’s capabilities of staying off the radar. It is hard to believe that Bin Laden alone was able to evade U.S. forces for 10 years. Pakistan officials claim that they were both unaware and uninvolved in Bin Laden’s safe haven 30 miles north of the capital in a city Abottabad loaded with heavy military artillery. At this point we cannot concretely know the Pakistan governments involvement until further intelligence is gathered from information found on site.

President Obama has stressed that if disturbing information is discovered then it will be pressed. This subject grows in importance due to the 1.5 Billion dollars that the country receives from the United States annually.

Further investigation in Pakistan is crucial to get a clear understanding of the level of involvement that Pakistan has had.

Some, like Senator John Kerry and CIA Director Michael Hayden, see little importance in finding answers to all the questions raised from Bin Laden’s discovery. Instead they believe that the U.S. and Pakistan should forgive and forget. Sen. John Kerry, D-Massachusetts, the chairman of the committee, expressed optimism that the uproar over bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad will allow American and Pakistani leaders to “punch a reset button” in their relationship.

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  1. nbrooke Says:

    If Pakistan is found guilty of knowing Bin Ladens whereabouts they should be held accountable. Currently, the US supplies Pakistan with 1.5 billion dollars of aid annually, but if they are found guilty the aid money should be temporarily suspended. I think it would be imperative to just suspend the aid for a few years, because while they did lie and cost the US billions it is still important for the US to maintain a good relationship with Pakistan.

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