Trouble in Cairo

May 08 2011

Trouble in Cairo

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An attack by Muslim Salafists resulted in 6 deaths and 120 injuries on Saturday. The Religious group opened fire at the Saint Mena Coptic Orthodox Church in Cairo to retrieve a Muslim man who was allegedly being held in the church.

There have been rising tensions between the two religious groups. Previous occurrences give reason to believe that the shooting was a reaction to the marriage of a Muslim man and Christian woman, a member of the church in Cairo.

Earlier this year on New Years Day a different Coptic church in Alexandria was bombed, killing 23 people. 10 days later a man shot and killed one Christian while injuring 5 others on a train.

Christians are a minority in Egypt making up 9 percent of the 80 million. The sectarian violence induced by the much larger Muslim faith has resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. The religious tension in Egypt is becoming a serious issue and must be addressed.

The situation for Christians in Cairo and other areas in Egypt is dangerous. Religious freedom is diminishing and causing violence within the country on multiple accounts. Coptic Churches are small and scattered around the country with little to no form of defense or security. The religious conflicts show no signs of calming down and are threatening the safety of people across the country.

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  1. tdeere Says:

    Religious oppression could get worse depending on who ends up in power in Egypt.

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