Developments in Libya

May 08 2011

Developments in Libya

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Progress in Libya has been minimal with slight chances of an end in conflict with the Gadhafi forces. Anti-Gadhafi rebels have yet proven to make significant strides against the Gadhafi forces and new tactics are being considered. Many in the west believe that the Libyan dictator must be isolated politically and financially. But NATO forces have a different opinion. NATO commanders request more patience believing that the Gadhafi forces will eventually fall.

U.S. Air Force Major Mark Ramsay says that Gadhafi is unable to maintain communication with forces in the field and is now resorting to unsecured phones and couriers. The U.S. Major also tells us that Gadhafi is struggling to sustain his troops with wartime essentials such as artillery, food, and spare parts.

“He has to resort to all sorts of measures that no military professional wants to resort to,” Ramsay says. “I wouldn’t say he’s in the 1860 cavalry mode, but it’s getting pretty close to that.”

Although odds against them, the Libyan forces have been able to hang on by a thread for longer than expected. The Libyan forces continue to adjust to the problems thrown at them. On paper NATO has the upper hand putting 260 Gadhafi tanks out of commission, exterminating many Libyan soldiers, and killing family close to Gadhafi. But Gadhafi has rebounded and been able to strategically place forces and use limiting resources in essential locations such as oil ports in Brega and Las Ranuf and an airport in Misrata. Gadhafi has also taken full control of the capitol Tripoli.

As the conflict in Libya continues Gadhafi has less ammunition, less resources, and less control over his forces this is why NATO commanders are certain that time will take it toll and eventually Gadhafi forces will be defeated.

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  1. ahelman Says:

    While I’m sure that Gadhafi will be defeated in due time, staying in Libya still seems unnecessary to me. While it is important to remain loyal to our NATO allies, our resources are stretched incredibly thin and I’m not sure we can afford to stay in Libya. The last thing the US needs is to get involved in another major conflict, yet we’re still in Libya. There are many areas of the world where places would benefit from us getting involved to help sort out internal issues, but as of right now, the US cannot afford to do this. In my opinion, the US needs to focus on our own issues for once because our debt is not getting any smaller.

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