Will Osama’s Death Haunt Pakistan

May 03 2011

Will Osama’s Death Haunt Pakistan

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The discovery of Osama bin Laden has been the largest breakthrough in the War on Terror.  The fact that Osama was living in Pakistan when he was discovered is very significant.  Pakistan has been known for the harboring of terrorists who have been connected to the Al-Qaeda.  This raises a decent amount of suspicion from the United States government being that Pakistan has openly admitted that they are not harboring Osama bin Laden.  Not only did they confidently deny Osama’s whereabouts they said he was probably in Afghanistan in the mountains.  Osama was found roughly 35 miles outside Islamabad in a town called Abottabad.  He was living in a large million-dollar compound that was in a desirable neighborhood in Pakistan.  The compound was heavily fortified and contained several gates with barbed wire as well as restricted access.  The compound was large and awkward for the neighborhood, yet the Pakistani government will not take responsibility for its placement.  The US is suspicious that the government was covering up for Osama and allowing him to stay in Pakistan. A British publication says,

“Extremely pointed questions are now certain to be asked about whether the ISI or its various branches and minions, knew of the existence of the highly unusual, heavily fortified, expensively built compound in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad – and of its high-value, low-profile tenant. If they did, why did they not investigate? If they did not, was it because they didn’t want to know?”

The US and Pakistan have not been on great terms in the recent years.  A senior Pakistani intelligence offer told MSNBC that they were participating in the ongoing operation before the attack but had no knowledge of the actual attack.  If Pakistan was indeed harboring Osama then they cannot be trusted with such important information.  Overall, after such an important discovery it is not clear if the United States can trust Pakistan at this point.



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  1. etaff Says:

    This situation puts the United States in an extremely tricky predicament. I find it hard to believe that someone with as much clout over their head as Osama Bin Laden could have been hiding within a populated area of the country without a single high ranking political or military figure knowing. As the United States decides how to proceed, we must consider the consequences of alienating or making an enemy out of Pakistan. The country represents a key component to the War in Afghanistan, however as time goes on, Pakistan is seems to be becoming less and less trustworthy.

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