al Qaeda in Germany

May 02 2011

al Qaeda in Germany

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Last Friday, three men we arrested in Germany because they were suspected of planning a bomb attack. Prior to their arrests, German authorities and federal agents surveillance the men in order to build a case against them. Authorities thought the three suspects tie to a high ranking al Qaeda member in Afghanistan could help stop future attacks on Germany.

One of the suspects was identified as Abdeladim El-K, 29, who is a citizen of Morocco but had lived in Germany for a decade. Last year he attended an al Qaeda training camp along the Afghani-Pakistani border. The suspect received weapons and explosive training and orders to carry out at least two attacks in Germany. Authorities believe the order was given in spring of 2010.

Abdeladim El-K then came back to Germany illegally in May 2010. He recruited two acquaintances identified as 31 year old Jamil S., who has German and Moroccan citizenship, and 19 year old Amid C. who has German and Iranian citizenship. It is believed the three bought bomb making materials such as hydrogen peroxide and acetone and had been plotting since December. They had also download instructions for making the bombs.

The three had planned to set off a shrapnel-laden bomb in a crowded place or representative building to kill a large amount of people. Some news reports claim the suspects were planning an attack during the Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf from May 10 to 14 but this has not been confirmed by authorities. Instead officials reported that no target had been chosen.

Although the three suspects have been arrested, it does not mean officials can positively say they stopped the attack. The head of the federal Office of Criminal Investigations stated that there is at least one person who they could not identify. Abdeladim El-K had built himself a network with ties in Austria, Morocco, Iran, and Kosovo, which leads officials to believe there could be more people planning attacks.

Islamists in Germany have been associated with several attacks:

In March, an ethnic Kosovo Albanian shot dead two US airmen on a bus at Frankfurt airport, injuring two others before his gun jammed; he told police he had wanted to avenge Afghans killed by Americans, but he was not thought to be part of a militant group.

In 2006, home made bombs were placed on trains in Cologne but failed to explode; a Lebabanese man was jailed for life for the attack.

The 9/11 ring-leader Mohammed Atta, worshipped in a mosque in the northern city of Hamburg

So with all these attacks, Germany has a heightened concern about terrorist attacks. This concern has led to increased security, It is said that al Qaeda is retaliating against Germany for sending troops to Afghanistan. This retaliation is seen with the recent emergence of homegrown radicalization.

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  1. awilliams32 Says:

    This incident clearly demonstrates the wide and flexible network that al Qaeda has throughout the world. With the recent death of Bin Laden, it will be interesting to see if al Qaeda slows down its attack plans in various parts of the world. If al Qaeda was targeting Germany because they aided with troops in Afghanistan, they certainly must have similar retaliation plans for other countries that also helped with troops. This revelation just further reinforces the idea that no matter where you live in the world, there will always be outside threats that need to be addressed. I commend German intelligence workers for identifying this threat and dealing with it before any harm came upon the German people.

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