Death of Seif al-Arab

May 01 2011

Death of Seif al-Arab

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The recent death of Moammar Gadhafi’s youngest son of three has signaled steps toward a closing to the long time conflicts in Libya. Reports show that the NATO attack killed Gadhafi’s youngest son, Seif al-Arab, along with three of Gadhafi’s grandchildren. The NATO bombings were not limited to Trippoli but also made appearances in Benghazi with a series of bombings to many Libyan homes. NATO’s offensive initiative has given them the upper hand with the current Libyan crisis. NATO violated their U.N. mandate in hopes to protect civilians from the Gadhafi forces.

NATO’s attacks brought relief to the Libyan people satisfied by long waited efforts to help the civilians. There have been reports of gunshots and car horns in the streets of Libya in celebration of the anti-Gadhafi attacks. NATO’s objectives have changed from no fly zone enforcement to several bombing raids in Tripoli and Benghazi. The attack was a huge success and once again showed NATO’s upper hand in the current stalemate. “If he was at the house that was targeted, then NATO is getting pretty good intelligence — and that means they’re getting leaks from within the Gadhafi government” (Garcia Navarro, NPR).

NATO’s increased efforts in Libya have brought relief to people all over world. The death of Seif al-Arab, 29, and three of Gadhafi’s grandchildren under the age of 12 will eventually take its toll with Gadhafi forces and give a positive outcome to the NATO efforts.

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  1. mrurka Says:

    On the other hand it will most definitely piss Gadhafi off and could possibly just serve as added motivation

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