Syria Following Egypt Revolution

Apr 23 2011

Syria Following Egypt Revolution

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The citizens of Syria have made public their demands for governmental democracy and individual rights as in many northern African countries such as, Egypt and Libya. Due to recent activity in Damascus, the nation’s capital, where protesters and demonstrators were shot at as they marched in the streets against the Syrian militia has caused heightened awareness for the human rights and civil liberties owed to the people of Syria worldwide including the United States. President Barak Obama acknowledged the warlike situation in Syria calling “a halt to the ‘outrageous’ violence.” (Check out article HERE)

One of the major concerns seems to be President Assad unwillingness to act whether to address the security threats of the nation state or to further defend his position in office and the current state leadership using force.

“Some observers are wondering why Assad hasn’t delivered the death blow to the uprising. After all, his father Hafez famously killed upward of 20,000 back in 1982 to quell a Sunni uprising in the city of Hama.”

Different from the time when Assad father was in power, these revolts against Assad and the government are now documented almost instantly thanks to cell phones and various web applications like Twitter to supply the protesters with facets for supporters. The use of technology during this Syrian revolution is the same source of support that made other dictatorships like former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. Technology helps “capture the attention of the international community.” However there still seems to be major distress over the amount of deaths and casualites in the suburban towns surrounding the cities of focus.

“The protests first erupted in the southern city of Dara, where the regime unleashed its brutality on the opposition. However, these tactics failed to quell the uprising. Indeed, subsequent Fridays brought more people to the streets—as did every funeral procession for murdered victims…After the Ministry of Interior issued a statement that there would be “no more room for leniency or tolerance,” Assad ordered Baniyas surrounded with tanks, cut off all food, water, and medical supplies to the town, and unleashed his paramilitary thugs, shabbiha, along with the security forces, who assaulted the protesters, killing and wounding many, and rounding up many more.” (Check out article HERE)

Although not much of a success in overthrowing the government thus far the people will not be silent. If anything they are determined to get a reaction from President Assad. It is believed by some that “the army is having a hard time managing its own divisions, sectarian and other.” Adding on to that some officers have been shot for refusing to fire on civilians. There’s no way of telling who exactly is favoring the administration considering this conflict between the army and civilians as well as soldiers and fellow officers of defense.

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  1. sspaeth2 Says:

    You really point out the disunity of all the protests going on in Syria. From a leader who can’t decide how to act to soldiers arguing with their fellow officers of defense, the government seems in disarray of what to do with the situation. This is also at a time where human rights activists have really increased the strength of their watch over Syria. Since the President acknowledged a halt to the violence, and is in heavy debate over what to do in Libya, do you think he will take anymore action to lessen the crime/killings?

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