Dangerous Drugs in Pork

Mar 19 2011

Dangerous Drugs in Pork

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Recently, a state broadcaster ran an expose on pig farms in China and found that many farmers are using the illegal fat burning drug. This report led to Chinese officials investigating. This has resulted in over a dozen Chinese being suspended or punished for allowing the drug to be used in the pigs food.

The drug used was clenbuterol, which, can reduce a pigs body fat and make the butchered skin looker pinker which makes it look fresh for longer. The consequence of having this drug in our food is that it has resulted in hospitalization for stomach pain. It has been banned and yet it is still being used because farmers want to speed up the process to make a profit.

Chinese authorities took action and found a couple hundred pigs with the drug and killed and buried all of them. The officials also destroyed over a thousand pounds of pork in the stores. Authorities say they are cracking down on tainted food and taking action to make sure they do not have any more issues with their food safety.

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