Possible Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Mar 14 2011

Possible Nuclear Disaster in Japan

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Over the past weekend a major earthquake has struck Japan. It has caused extreme damage to the country.  Right now it is estimated that 10,000 people could have perished in the quake.  The earthquake registered at an outstanding 8.9, compared at the 9.1 earthquake that triggered the massive tsunami in 2004 for that killed over 230,000 people.  There have been major issues arising from the quake in Japan, many buildings have been destroyed, and many people are left homeless.  There have been large rescue efforts to recover people who have been trapped in the rubble or stranded.  There is also a lack in supplies and clean drinking water.  The pictures of the damage are horrible, there is rubble everywhere and so many people are left not knowing whether their loved ones are dead or alive, or left without a house, or without food and water.

One of the most pressing problems resulting from the earthquake is the explosion, and now second explosion of one of Japan’s nuclear complexes.  This is predicted to cause major damages to both environmental and human lives.  It is currently unknown how extensive the damage will be.  If everything goes well they will be able to contain the meltdown and there will be few lasting damages. But it is also very possible that the explosion could lead to damages that are greater than even those of Chernobyl.  Fortunately for the US, it is unlikely that radioactive particles will be able to reach across to the United States enough to cause damage.  The damage will likely go down over the ocean, but it is unknown how that will effect aquatic life either.

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  1. tpewitt Says:

    This is such a tragedy to not only the people of Japan, but all areas affected. It’s terrifying to think that this is becoming a recurring disaster, as it’s happening so soon after the 2004 tsunami. Hopefully the nuclear complexes will be able to be contained, but the environmental damage could be extreme.

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