Will Uprising in Middle East Fuel al-Qaeda?

Mar 07 2011

Will Uprising in Middle East Fuel al-Qaeda?

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Recently the world has had its eyes on the uprising in the Middle East.  With the overthrow of governments such as Mubarak’s regime in Egypt, Ali’s regime in Tunisia, and with Gaddafi on the way out in Libya there will be space to set up more stable forms of government chosen by the people.  Unfortunately this brings about a key time in the terrorist organization al-Qaeda’s history.  With the main goal of al-Qaeda being to destroy the main tyrannies of the Middle East the recent events gives them an opportunity to take control.

Revolts in the Middle East only bring the al-Qaeda closer to their goal of taking over the Middle East.  Islamic groups such as al-Qaeda have stable infrastructure and strict level of hierarchy.  As new forms of government move into these regions there will likely be more freedom of expression and religion.  This will have a major effect in the social media world.  This newfound freedom will allow al-Qaeda to put out more propaganda leading them closer to their main goal.

Other factors that will contribute to the upcoming surge of al-Qaeda’s dominance in the Middle East is the release of many prisoners.  The majority of these prisoners are not convicted of theft or murder but are put in prison by Islamic groups to protect the secrecy and inner circles of the regime.  With thousands of veteran Al-Qaeda members being released this will only fuel the power of the regime.  Most of these prisoners will never forgive the US and other western powers for funding the prisons in order to keep dangerous mujahidin off the streets.

The power being gained by these organizations must be stopped immediately to ensure international safety.  The best way of doing this is by going to the source of the funding.  Most of al-Qaeda’s money is coming from oil-rich Sunni sheiks and the money needs to be cut off at the source.   The Middle Eastern countries have a chance to stabilize and become an active contributor to the global good if they can defeat the war against the Islamic organizations.

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  1. jweiss5 Says:

    Basically what’s being said here is that the Middle East is vulnerable to Islam extremists now more so than ever. These states are looking for new leaders and Al-Qaeda fits the bill because it is the strongest and most powerful group that is able to attract followers from all walks of life because of the allure of power. I disagree in this sense. I think that it is possible for al-Qaeda to increase its number of followers and thus its amount of power, but I do not think that they will take over in Egypt. Egypt has been somewhat of a “democratic” state for roughly 50 years, and to go from that (though oppressive) government to a regime of religious extremists is not likely.

    The Middle East garners the most media attention of anything going on these days. With all this reporting on what’s going on, the global community is watching and scrutinizing the moves of these nations. In my opinion, the international community won’t let that happen.

  2. gzitelli Says:

    I agree with jweiss5. Democracies tend to be moderate and it’s unlikely a radical group could gain influence on a large majority of the people. This being said, a democratic government in Egypt has yet to be established and until a stable one is established these questions of radical Islamist movements taking power in Egypt will continue.

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