Recovered Hijacked S. Korean Vessel

Mar 01 2011

Recovered Hijacked S. Korean Vessel

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Somali attacks on a South Korean fishing boat erupted a lot of conflict in the country and around the globe  On October 9th pirates were able to maneuver around a near Kenyan naval base. The ship, Keumi 305, had a crew of 43 men. “The Keumi 305 was in waters more than 400 kilometers (248 miles) away from the pirates’ base, according to the [Yonhap] news agency” [a]. Since 2006 Somali pirates have hijacked six Korean boats and vessels causing a threat to S. Korean national defense. A weak federal government and a civil war breaking out in 1991 have allowed Somalia to produce higher crime rates and gang affiliation. Kidnapping for ransom has become common among Somali pirate vessels that claim the hijacking is a result of the illegal fishing and chemical dumping in Somali waters. Coastal communities living in Somalia have developed militias supporting piracy as a form of national defense. What’s interesting about these Somali crews that premeditate attacks to take hostages for ransom.  Aboard the Keumi 305 were two S. Koreans, two Chinese, and 39 Kenyans fishing for crab in Northern Somalia. Piracy in neutral waters has harmed many people from many nations that have erupted conflict among nations involved.

Multiple accounts of hijacking has caused South Korean Special Forces to initiate a covert mission to recover a twenty-one man fishing ship in the Arabian Sea. The five-hour mission was successful recovering the ship and all its members. There were a total of eight Somali deaths while five were captured alive. “The ship had been fishing for crab in the area for about one month before being seized and taken to a pirate stronghold in northern Somalia”[c]. Many occurrences of Somali pirate hijacking has occurred to such fishing boats, six in the past five years. Pleased from the result of the mission Lt. Gen. Lee Sung-ho said, “This operation demonstrated our government’s strong will to never negotiate with pirates”[c]. Somali Piracy has made many threats to the Unites States citizens as well as French citizens. Both the U.S. and the French have organized missions against piracy in April 2009, a French commando team stormed a Somali boat and killing two pirates and recovering three French citizens.




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  1. abrooks9 Says:

    I think that the Somali pirate topic is going to be a recurring problem for a very long time. You mentioned that its been going on for a while and theres not a clear way to stop it. So I think the next question is how can we help prevent the piracy? Should commercial ships start carrying protective weapons? It would probably get very expensive and also cause even more international port problems, but are there any other suggestions?

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