Uprising in the Middle East

Feb 21 2011

Uprising in the Middle East

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Today the Middle East has been facing serious upheaval and protests in result of bad governing regimes. Countries all over the map are turning to protest and violence in order to over throw their governments. As countries have seen the success in the overthrow of President Mubarak in Egypt they have been bracing themselves for revolts of their own.

Currently Iran is facing this issue with the resurgence of the Green Party. The green party not only cares for the environment but also the mass production of nuclear weapons on soil. The Iranian government is calling for citizens to overthrow the green party in violent protest. In the mind of the ruling party this will thwart the overthrow of President Ahmandinejad. The Iranian government has been hostile toward the ringleaders of the opposing party. In the month of January 89 people were killed in Iran. This is the highest rate currently in the world and shows that Iran is attempting to combat the overthrow with violence.

Libya is also currently going through problems with their government. On Thursday February 17th was a national Day of Anger against the government in which protestors chanted and burned rubble in the streets. The revolt against Colonel Muammar is the latest revolt in the Middle East and was caused by the detainment of a lawyer who represented those who were affected in previous out lashes by the government. Obama has spoken on the topic and he encourages counter party activists to revolt against their current party if they do not listen to the needs of the people. He believes that freedom of speech should be upheld for a government to prosper.

Protests like this need to happen in order for a government to be run correctly. The citizens need to be happy to prevent violent revolts. Egypt has now achieved this state of happiness as they are escaping the rubble of the previous regime. Many feel as though they have awoke from a 30 year sleep and have bright hopes for the future of the country. This is encouraging news as the Middle East has the opportunity to escape the corrupt political regimes and get things under control. This can only happen if the regimes accept input from the citizens instead of blindly moving toward their own goal.

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  1. pmeyer2 Says:

    I would not agree that Egypt has achieved a state of happiness and has escaped the rubble of the previous regime just yet. The Egyptian people are still waiting for more cooperation and openness from the military. Protesters are starting to question the military’s commitment to reforming a corrupt system and the lack of communication between the two groups has caused some tension. The biggest fear would be that a military official could take power in the future.

  2. sharrs Says:

    There is certainly a great deal of work that is left to be done, but I don’t think the Egyptian people need to be worried about a military take-over. The revolution was led by the people, and the people will not allow themselves to be subjected to another authoritarian government. If they do not see progress made towards organizing a fair election, they will return to protesting.

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