Unrest in Lybia

Feb 21 2011

Unrest in Lybia

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As well as many of the countries all over the world, Libya is experiencing many rebellions and uprisings.  Many people have died so far due to the violence that the country is experiencing.  In an interview a Libyan woman talked about how the people of the country lived like animals, and how something needed to change.  They seem to be taking a leaf out of Egypt’s book and looking for a government that does more for it’s people.  The woman also talks about how the protestors are being killed by government officials who are hired to kill the protestors.

Gaddafi’s son, Sayf al-Islam addressed Libya.  He blamed the uprisings on outside influences and citizens living in foreign countries.  He talked about how the citizens of Libya are trying to copy Egypt.  It seems as though many countries are starting to follow in Egypt’s footsteps and demand a government for the people, even in China a new movement that is being coined the “jasmine revolution” seems to be picking up speed and supporters.

Sayf al-Islam talks about how Libya is trying to create a facebook revolution.  This phrase has been used before, but personally, I have never heard it used to describe something as serious as a rebellion in a country.  This proves how influential the internet has become.  People who never had access to information about government and what was going on in other countries suddenly find themselves with this portal to countries across the world.  They are seeing what it is like to live in a country run by the people and now they want that.

Our world is going through some major changes, and it will be for a long time.  I believe that this is just a start to all of the revolutions that will be happening throughout the world in the near future.  It seems that is the era of the facebook revolution.

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