Education in Africa

Feb 21 2011

Education in Africa

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There is a lot of change occurring in Africa, both in Egypt and elsewhere.  India has recently stepped forward to assist africa with academic aid. The first sight has plans to open within the next year.

“If Africa is looking outward to develop its higher education system, “India is perhaps in the best position to help,” said Pankaj Jalote, director of the Indian Institute of Information Technology in Delhi. Mr. Jalote said institutions in the United States, Australia and Britain were “extremely expensive and work with extremely elaborate infrastructure,” whereas their Indian counterparts “can do a fairly decent job with far fewer resources.” Also, what is taught at Indian institutions “may be more transportable to Africa” than what students learn in industrialized countries, he added.”

Africa’s new demand for democracy has made this all possible. Only five percent of the african population has a post-secondary education, making this a long and tough road to success.  But the African people are embracing the change and are expected to respond in a positive manor.   These students are required not only to complete classes but also to complete community service before graduating.

Africa’s turn around is helping bring the nation up to date technologically as well and intellectually.  Renewable energy is now available in limited areas, but is expected to expand exponentially as the education increases as well.

“Since Ms. Ruto hooked up the system, her teenagers’ grades have improved because they have light for studying. The toddlers no longer risk burns from the smoky kerosene lamp. And each month, she saves $15 in kerosene and battery costs — and the $20 she used to spend on travel.”

It is comforting to see that the world is pitching in to help those who before now were unable to help themselves.  From an American perspective it seems that we are usually the only country to aid in situations such as these.  So reading the article and learning that India, one of the “up and coming global powers” has decided to aid as well in encouraging.  It is also encouraging to see things like this in the news rather then only focusing on the negativity that is taking place.  A little optimism every now and again may help the world become a better place, and where we are now it seems that there is no way but up.

3 Responses to “Education in Africa”

  1. kkoch2 Says:

    It was really exciting for me to see such an upbeat and optimistic blog post. Do you think that other rising global powers will follow India’s lead and step up to help as well?

  2. wllamas Says:

    I just thought it was really interesting to see another country besides the US providing the most aid. Most news here focuses on the United states stepping in and lending a hand, but it was refreshing to finally learn how other countries are reacting to world need.

  3. awilliams32 Says:

    I commend India for stepping up to the plate and helping Africa, a very underdeveloped and destitute country, with the resources and aid that they can offer. It is inspiring to see countries put aside their own self seeking interests and help out other countries that are less prosperous for the sake of creating a more equal and fair world. I think the advocation of education will help Africa become more developed and become a viable world player in the global arena.

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