What happens after a paper is submitted?

The Journal Editor will assign your paper to an associate editor (this is a double blind review process, thus only the Editor knows who the author is, and the author does not know the referees). The associate editor will make sure that your paper is reviewed by two student referees. This happens in the first week of February. These referee reports are due to their associate editor by mid-February. At that time, the associate editor compiles the comments from each reviewer and puts together a report to the Editor suggesting whether the paper should be accepted, accepted providing certain revisions are made to improve the paper, or rejected. The editorial board meets at the Eastern Economics Association conference and gives their recommendations to the Editor. The week following this meeting, the Editor writes letters to the authors about the status of their paper.

What happens if my paper is accepted?

If the paper has been well-received by the referees, student authors are typically asked to make a number of revisions and also to make sure that the paper conforms to the IPE style guidelines. Authors are given a date (usually about 4 weeks) in which the paper must be resubmitted in order to be included in the coming issue. The Editor has final say regarding the ultimate acceptance of each paper. If acceptable revisions are not made by the author, the Editor has the right to request further revisions, in which case, the paper will be considered for the following year’s edition.

What happens if my paper is not accepted?

If the Editor has indicated substantial revisions are necessary before further consideration can be given, you are certainly welcome to revise your paper and resubmit it either within the current period or for the following year. Any questions should be sent to the Editor at ipe@lists.elon.edu.