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Volume 31 Issue 1 – June


Maria Mendoza, Co-Editor, Elon University
Cole Haecker, Co-Editor, Elon University


Evidence for the Phillips Curve in Three Countries
Aise O’Neil, American University

Paid Domestic Work and Slavery in the 21st Century: Analyzing the Impacts of PEC das Domésticas on the Formalization, Real Income, and Working-Hours of Brazilian Domestic Workers
Patrick Tavares Ruivo Muscari, Skidmore University

Skill Bias, Technology Frontiers, Barriers to Adoption, and the Effects of Trade: A Panel Data Analysis
Ethan Cohen, University of Edinburgh

Infrastructure in India’s Internal War: A District-Level Analysis of the Naxalite-Maoist Conflict
Krunal Desai, University of California – Berkeley

Human Capital Investment through Education: The way to an equitable middle class in South Africa
Laura Peterjohn, College of Wooster

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