When will the Studio meet?
Participation in the studio requires a daily commitment. Activities both in the studio and in the community will typically be scheduled every morning during the semester. These hours will be broken up by discussions, collaboration, activities in and outside of our space, shadowing a member of the community, work in the community, and research time. We’ll be sure to break for College Coffee on Tuesdays and for Numen Lumen on Thursdays. Student teams will be encouraged to get outside of our physical Elon studio space and to be active in the community by gathering downtown for coffee at the Blend, lunch at the Co-op, or a meeting at the Elon Downtown Center.

Where will the Studio meet?
The Design Thinking Studio meeting space is located in the Elon Center for Design Thinking on the 3rd Floor of Elon Town Center, adjacent to the Downtown Makerspace above Pandora’s Pies and Barnes and Noble in the Town of Elon. Take the elevator by the ATM to the third floor, and walk past the restrooms to our door. Can’t miss us.

Can I still get a job? Go to the gym? Eat with my friends?
Of course. While the hours associated with the Studio will be reserved for the Studio, you will have time  before Studio starts and in afternoons and evenings for work, workouts, dining, campus group activities, etc. When we really dive into community projects, you’ll likely have some group and community work in the afternoons, but that can be flexibly scheduled.

Since the program is worth three full courses, you can expect three courses’ worth of work both inside and outside the classroom. You will have readings and out-of-class activities and may need to visit or shadow a community member outside of the usual meeting hours, do some community-based research for your team’s project, travel to a local meeting or workshop, and conduct your own related research project. Please keep this in mind when thinking about your academic/work/extra-curricular schedule for Spring 2019.

What will the application process be like?
To apply, contact one of the faculty for a discussion of your interests, which may take place over email or in a brief meeting. You will need to fill out a brief application form. We want to get to know you, understand your interests and strengths, and see what attracted you to the experience, while also giving you the chance to ask us questions and get to know us a bit as well.

Can I still do my undergraduate research? or Periclean Scholars?
Sure! You can take up to 2 credit hours of undergraduate research credits and still be considered as having a full load with the University. We recommend meeting with your mentor to be sure your project is in good shape before deciding to participate in the Studio. You should definitely have time for your Periclean responsibilities.

Do I have to take the full 12 credits?
Yes. While we have to list three “courses” to make it easier for OnTrack and your degree audit, the Studio semester will be one big unified experience. All the content, activities, projects, and homework will be integrated and inseparable, though we’ll make sure we do work within the spirit of those four listed courses. The courses are all linked in OnTrack so you will register for them all and will not be able to add/drop one of them. If you join the Studio, it’s a big commitment, but one that will be totally worth it.

What if there is a class for my major I can only take in the spring?
The Studio is designed to be an immersive experience, kind of like working at your first job. But we understand that scheduling might be difficult. Reach out to your academic advisor and one of the program faculty so we can look at each situation individually.

Can the Studio course count toward something in my major?
Not right now, but you can speak with your academic advisor to see if that is a possibility for your program. The Studio faculty are happy to help with that conversation.

If I’m studying abroad this fall, can I still apply?
Of course! Talk to your advisor or one of the program faculty to see how the Studio might fit into your program of study.

How do I register for the Studio?
Registration will be slightly different than your usual practice. You’ll still meet with your academic advisor to make sure your academic plan is in order. But once you are accepted to the Studio, we will register you for the Studio through the Registrar’s Office directly.