Alert: Unemployment benefits claim fraud

Posted on: January 8, 2021 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts


Identity theft may occur via phishing emails, texts, phone calls or by unknowingly entering personally identifiable information on a fraudulent website.


Your personal information has been used to file a false unemployment benefit claim


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment benefit claims have risen greatly. Fraudsters are taking advantage by using stolen identities to submit false unemployment claims. Here is what you need to know:

What You Should Look For

  • You receive communications regarding unemployment insurance forms when you have not applied for unemployment benefits
  • You notice fees involved in filing or qualifying for unemployment insurance
  • There are unauthorized transactions on your bank or credit card statements related to unemployment benefits
  • You encounter fake websites and social media pages mimicking those of government agencies with URLs that are not correct
  • You receive unsolicited inquiries (phone calls, emails, text messages, etc.) related to unemployment benefits

What You Should Do If Affected

  • Change your Elon passwords used for email and OnTrack
  • Change your passwords on any sites where your social security number (SSN) might be stored (mobile apps, shopping sites, banking websites, credit card bureaus, etc.)
  • Check the privacy settings on your personal mobile devices
  • Contact the North Carolina Department of Employment Services to report the fraud — view the website for more details

Steps Elon University is Taking to Help Protect Your Elon Account

  • Frequent mandatory password resets
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) using Duo Security, which adds an extra layer of security for user verification when logging into systems and applications
  • Ongoing updates to information security awareness training, alerts resources and tips found on the Information Security website


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