Alert: Beware of Fake Job Applications Sent by Email

Posted on: September 2, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts




Messages include a variety of subject lines


Students are being targeted by phishing emails that include fake job applications and appear to be from legitimate businesses. These messages ask students for personal information. Online scams have become much more sophisticated in their attempts to lure victims, especially using email links to phony websites. It has become increasingly difficult to determine the difference between legitimate and counterfeit online sites. A recent uptick in phishing attacks is being seen at institutions across the country.

Here are red flags to look for when you’re unsure if an email real or fake.

  • Generic details: The email does not address you by name.
  • Includes errors: The email contains grammatical or spelling errors.
  • Unknown source(s): The message is from an email address that doesn’t match the company name or includes errors.
  • Seeks personal data: The message asks you for personal information like credit card or bank account numbers or copies of documents that include personal identifiable information.
  • Offer is too good to be true: The email details an offer that promises to pay a large amount of money for little to no work.
  • Details involve a shady “deal” and your data: The sender offers you a large payment in exchange for the use of your bank account — which is often used to deposit checks or transfer money illegally.

Protect Yourself, Protect Elon

When it comes to protecting your data and university data, it’s critical to be aware of the signs. Visit Elon’s Information Security website to explore other red flags commonly found in phishing emails such as these and tips to help stay safe online.



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