Alert: University President Request Scam

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University President Request Scam


The email below was sent to targeted faculty and staff, and appears to be from President Book.

Message:  Hello good day, Let me know when you are available. There is something i need you to do.I am stuck in a seminar right now,kindly drop your cellphone number to send text message.

Personalized messages from university executives, like the President, try to create a sense of urgency, then attempt to move communication from email to another source by requesting a cell phone number. Remember to check the actual email address of the sender, not just the name that is displayed on the “From” line of the message. Also, pay attention to the warning banner that appears at the top of an email if an outside email address is used to send a message that appears to be from the President. If you see the warning banner below, be sure to check the “from” email address and pay close attention to all areas the email.

Example warning banner

Example warning banner


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