Alert: Unemployment benefits claim fraud

Posted on: January 8, 2021 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unemployment benefit claims have risen greatly. Fraudsters are taking advantage by using stolen identities to submit false unemployment claims. Here is what you need to know:

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Alert: Beware of SharePoint Phishing Scams

Posted on: January 6, 2021 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

Online scammers are now using cloud services like Office 365 to steal user credentials. File sharing among colleagues and others within these services has become a common practice, and cybercriminals know this.

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Alert: Beware of Fake Job Applications Sent by Email

Posted on: September 2, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

Students are being targeted by phishing emails that include fake job applications and appear to be from legitimate businesses. These messages ask students for personal information.

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Alert: The Chronicle of Higher Education Data Breach

Posted on: August 4, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

Elon University was notified of a data breach at The Chronicle of Higher Education, where many members of our community may have accounts.

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Posted on: April 24, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

A malicious email was sent to several students appearing to come from the Office of the Registrar. The email included a password-protected PDF attachment posing as a transcript. However, a link in the attachment may install malware.

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Alert: University Executives Impersonation Request Scam

Posted on: April 8, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

Personalized fraudulent messages that purport to be from university executives often try to create a sense of urgency, then attempt to move communication from email to another source by requesting a cell phone number. Remember to verify the actual email address of the sender, not just the name that is displayed in the “From” line of the message.

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Alert: Coronavirus Phishing Emails

Posted on: March 11, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

As news about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) captures the attention of many around the world, cybercriminals are looking to exploit concerns and capitalize on the public’s desire to learn more about the virus through phishing email attacks.

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Posted on: January 28, 2020 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

A phishing email, with various subjects, claims to be from a marketing group asking you to reply with a personal email address if interested in working as an advertiser for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The goal of the fraudulent email is to get you to submit your financial information.

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Alert: Phishing with voicemail attachment

Posted on: November 20, 2019 | By: infosec | Filed under: Security Alerts

There is a new phishing attempt with fake voicemail attachments. It is also known as vishing (phishing using voicemail or a phone call). In this instance, an email attachment appears to be a voicemail message, but opening it could install malware (malicious software) on your machine or take you to a website requesting personal information.

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Posted on: October 3, 2019 | By: infosec | Filed under: Phishing at Elon

This email targets students and claims to be about new employment offered through the university‚Äôs recruiting department. It contains an attached .txt file that requests personal information. Be cautious with attachments in emails, especially if you were not expecting the email or if it comes from someone you don’t know.

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