Absolutely Gorge-ous: The Cullasaja Gorge

By Christian Kowalski, 2016

We detour and climb down to the bottom of the gorge to stretch our legs from the car ride.

When driving to Highlands, our group was caught up in the beauty of the landscape around us. We were all trying to quickly take pictures of the mountains with the changing tree colors when we spotted ahead a gravel parking space that directed us toward a spot on the Cullasaja Gorge. Our group had been driving alongsidethe gorge for quite some time at this point and decided we could take a spontaneous detour and absorb the nature around us.

The path we made to get down to the gorge was trail blazed by us. Since there wasn’t any form of walkway, we had to carefully step down the steep cliffside in order to reach the bottom. After breaking ground and forging our path, we reached the bottom of the gorge and were welcomed to amazing scenery. We were right up close to the Cullasaja river which was flowing and covered with the colorful leaves that were falling from the trees. It was a great time to bask in a hidden gem from this ride as we were the only people within the gorge. After some time walking around and taking pictures, we climbed back up to the road and continued on our journey to Highlands.