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Final Thoughts

As I have now had a significant time to ponder the impact this trip and experience has had on me there are certain aspects which stand out very differently than what I would have ever imagined before coming to Hawai’i. When I originally chose to go to the islands, it was out of a desire to see the final corner … Continue Reading

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First Full Day on

Today was the first full day that we had on the island of Kauai, and waking up after the travel day was harder than most others. The first place we went today was the taro fields, or lo’i, from the community college out in the island. Taro fields are flooded plains where taro is grown but also aware hydroponics are … Continue Reading

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Expectations and Exploring Waikiki

Coming into the final stages of getting to Hawaii, I had found myself perceiving the trip as I did many of my trips to foreign countries and not as if I was simply going to another state within the Union. I expect to find myself feeling somewhat out of place in this culture, and potentially even viewed in a negative … Continue Reading

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