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May 11 2018

Marcel Khalife: Middle Eastern Music

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Culture in the Middle East is very diverse. The Middle East is home to a multitude of religions and cultures that allows for a melting pot of culture. A positive of the melting pot is the mix of cultures. From this many different things arise, one of which being music. Born in Lebanon, artist Marcel Khalife has released many songs describing his lifestyle and the lifestyles of people from Lebanon.

Lebanon is home to a diverse interesting culture, although it is also home to much violence, similar to much of the Middle East. During the 1970s Lebanon was experiencing a Civil War. The war, a religious war, was between a unified Christian groups and the Palestine Liberation Organization unified with muslim militias. The war started due to controversies between religions and religious persecution, which is what affected Marcel Khalife. ┬áMuch of Khalife’s inspiration is from this war and the different persecution against people in his home country of Lebanon. One which he said is truly based off the persecution is Walking Tall. Granted the song is in arabic so I could not get the full message, based on the title and an interview I was able to figure out that the song is about fighting through problems that may strike you and to never give up.