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May 03 2018

Happy Valley

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Happy Valley 

On every Saturday, from August until January, almost twenty-six million people watch college football. At Penn State University, all 98,000 students show up to Beaver Stadium to cheer on their D1 football team. In the film,Happy Valley, it shows you how important Penn State football is and what people will do to keep up the reputation that the school had. It takes us through Jerry Sandusky trial and how many things were hidden during his time as the Assistant Coach at Penn State. During this time, Jerry Sandusky was working under the legendary Penn State Coach, Joe Paterno. The film Happy Valley takes you through how Penn State football changed forever.  

Penn State loves their college football, especially when the team was led by Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno started coaching at Penn State in 1966, becoming one of the most successful coaches in college football. Paterno led Penn State to many undefeated seasons, getting his team to 37 bowl games, winning 24 of them. Joe was considered a hero, he wanted to make his team not just better on the field, but better in life. He made it his mission to make sure that all of his players had the best chance at having a better future. Joe made it about the team and not the players, which is why his career was so successful. Joe did not put names on the back of his players jerseys because it wasn’t about what name was on the back of the jersey, but on the front. He also made sure that his team knew that education was the most important thing. During the period that Paterno was coaching his team had a graduation rate of about 84 percent. This was another reason why everybody loved Paterno and why he was the best. Joe Paterno was Penn State football. But, all of Joe Paterno’s success and fame ended when Jerry Sandusky was accused of sexually assaulting young boys.