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ARiesett Post 11 “Final Blog”

My favorite hero discussed in class this Winter-Term was Sir Gawain from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I found him relatable and humble. I appreciated him risking his life for King Arthur without being asked to do so. His Monomyth was the most interesting and it prompted a discussion between chivalry and love that was enlightening. As far as … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 10 “Sacrifices”

Heroes choose to make sacrifices in order to accomplish a bigger goal or greater humanity. Melba Pattillo, who wrote Warriors Don’t Cry, is a terrific example of a heroine that has made sacrifices for the great good of the African American race. She was one of the Little Rock Nine that chose to be a part of the integration of … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 9 “Kings and Leaders”

Stonewall Protest   A prime example of injustice is the Stonewall protest that happened on the evening of June 27, 1969. The protest was in the Greenwich Village district of New York City, New York. The police raided the Stonewall Inn, which was a homosexual bar. Bar advocates decided to fight back against the police and the riot lasted all … Continue Reading

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ARiesett “Cultural Terrorism and Justice”

There is a thin line between the “good guys” and the “bad guys”. In many instances the good guys can be considered the bad guys and vice versa depending on the perspective of the situation.  For example, Atticus Finch in the book To Kill A Mockingbird is viewed as both a good guy and a bad guy in Maycomb county Alabama. … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 7 “Soldiers”

  Staff Sergeant Robert Gutierrez   Date: October 5, 2009  Where: Western Afghanistan What: A 29 year old Air Force Staff Sergeant named Robert Gutierrez became a hero.   Gutierrez took a bullet to his chest that collapsed his lung while taking out Taliban on rooftop. In these split moments he thought not of his death, but of how he … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog Post 6

F is for Freedom F is for Freedom because the movie V for Vendetta is all about people breaking free from the government oppression even though not everyone realizes how corrupt and manipulative the government has gotten. The main character V is on a quest to get people to recognize that the government is dictating their lives. For instance, the … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 5 Film Character

In the 2012 film The Odd Life of Timothy Green, Timothy Green (CJ Adams) is an interesting character. He was created by a thunderstorm during a drought in Cindy and Jim Greens garden in their backyard. Cindy and Jim Green are unable to have children, so they dream of their ideal child and list his characteristics. They put this list … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 4 Team Saint

After our discussion and having read Beowulf, I would say that Beowulf is a Christian. Beowulf is portrayed as the “good warrior”, which is shown through his dedication to his people.  The author is constantly reminding us that Beowulf is only able to be a good warrior and kill Grendel because God is assisting him. “The holy Creator usward sent … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Blog 3 Knights

According to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, it is impossible for a hero to abide by both the code of chivalry and the rules of courtly love simultaneously.  A hero cannot simply be a gentleman and a knight in the same instance.  Sir Gawain was the perfect example of this.  He tried his best to follow all the edicts … Continue Reading

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ARiesett Post 2 Greek

Today in class we covered the outline for a good tragic hero. According to Aristotle, a good tragic hero is superior to the average man, suffers due to hamartia, evokes both pity and fear, and suffers at the hand of irony.  We discussed how Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, and Batman all fit this outline.  A good example of … Continue Reading

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