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Strager MLK XC

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”–Martin Luther King Jr. This quote is written in the beginning of Martin Luther King Jr.s “Letters From a Birmingham Jail”. Unfortunately this quote is still pertinent today and will be until there are no more injustices in the world. Overcoming injustice in one society is only one small victory for the larger … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero Final

One of my favorite heroes that we discussed in class was V from V for Vendetta. He was a very meticulous and thoughtful character, which added to his complexities. I also really enjoyed the movie’s different uses of symbolism throughout characters and character development. I think it would be interesting to add the movie “Pay it Forward” to the curriculum … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 10

Melba Patillo, when hearing that she might have the opportunity to gain a better education at the white school in her hometown of Little Rock Arkansas, wrote her name down. Two years later when she learned that that piece of paper was being put into action her life changed forever. She went from an average girl who was doted on … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 9

  In late May 2012,  Nasrin Musarti,  was murdered outside of the battered women’s shelter she had been living at with her two children for two years. This is the result of something called an honor killing. Honor killings are the practice of killing a female family member for shaming the family. Examples of this are by having sexual relations … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 8

A question I have been asking myself a lot in regard to if a character “good” or “bad” is whether they are truly harming others for a reason, or would they be doing so regardless? For instance, does a soldier just want to kill or are they killing in order to save their country? This is where I separate the … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 7

One main reason soldiers are heroic is simply because they are standing up for something they believe in. Although this seems like an easy concept people often keep their mouths shut to avoid ridicule or confrontation. The fact that they are risking their lives to do this only adds to their bravery and faith in the cause. A personal hero … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 6

P is for Parallelism. V for Vendetta does an incredible job of showing parallelism between characters, objects and symbols.  Two examples that stood out to me the most were, the dual images of V rising from the fire and Edey’s experience of rebirth rising into the rain, and the image of the dominos moving uniformly to create V’s symbol and … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 5

One of my favorite movie characters is the nameless serial killer played by Kevin Spacey in the thriller Seven because of his complex, shocking, and twisted behavior.  Seven is about one rookie, Detective David Mills (Brad Pitt) and one almost retiree, Detective William R. Somerset (Morgan Freeman) paired to solve a uniquely grotesque case. Detective David Mills just moved to … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 4

I am Team Saint. Many believe that because Beowulf identifies with pagan practices at the start of the poem and later relates more to Christian beliefs that this must be a work of multiple authors, similar to the concept of the documentary hypothesis in the Old Testament. What if the author, as he wrote the poem, was going through the … Continue Reading

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Strager Hero 3

A handful of the expectations from the Code of Chivalry and the Art of Courtly Love, contradict each other and their ambiguity makes it much easy for knights to pretend that they are abiding by them all. This is especially relevant because neither set of instructions explain which rules trump the others. Three examples that relate to Sir Gawain and … Continue Reading

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