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For my quote I did not find in one of our readings but rather a quote I found reading a blog on Martin Luther King, Jr. for MLK day.  Martin Luther King was talking about the civil-rights era when he said, “History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident … Continue Reading

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The past three weeks we have learned about various characters that I would not have considered placing in the “heroes” category like Sir Gawain, Confucius, Addicus, and Melba. I would say there actions and decisions were beyond great, especially what they went through but coming into the class, my idea of a hero was people like Hercules, Perseus, Superman, etc.. … Continue Reading

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Through the many heroes that are out there in the world on both on paper and in life, the hardest thing I think that one has to face with is making a sacrifice.  Some heroes make sacrifices for others, while others make them for themselves in order to be remembered.  But how many everyday people would be willing to sacrifice … Continue Reading

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For my blog I chose the February 15, 2003 anti-war protest.  This was a coordinated protest across the world where people expressed their opposition to the war in Iraq. Some sources say the number of people involved where between six and ten million that took up in sixty countries over the weekend of February 15th and 16th. The largest protests … Continue Reading

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Terrorism and Justice can be intertwined to some people.  I think that the culture defines these two words and they shape them and form them into the way the culture sees fit.  There are cultures in which they see what we call an act of “terrorism” as an act of “justice” and they truly believe that, so much to as … Continue Reading

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George Washington was a Soldier, Hero, President, and Sailor.  He was one of U.S. great military masterminds which helped lead the U.S. to win the revolutionary war against the British.  George Washington kept a journal of his journeys and battles through which we see the dangers and hardships he underwent.  He started his military career in 1753 where he was … Continue Reading

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  T is for Truth   “My father was a writer. You would’ve liked him. He used to say that artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up.” The idea of truth was behind the movie in a way that the government manipulated the truth so that the people would believe and … Continue Reading

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I  saw the movie Looper (2012) by Rian Johnson, and I would recommend the movie for those that have not watched it.  The main character Joe, is the protagonist in the film and the film takes part in the year 2044 where in 30 years after that, time travel will have been invented and banned by the government.  But when … Continue Reading

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To say Beowulf was pagan or christian is very hard because the book is combines so perfectly with both elements.  We see that the book tries to tie in christian themes with pagan traditions such as monsters and such.  I want to say however that i side with the idea that  Beowulf is christian.  The book ties in both elements … Continue Reading

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During class we discussed the “guidelines” that knights lived by and the most important ones being the code of chivalry and courtly love.  When my group read them and as we discussed in class, many of these codes contradict each other and some of them seem to be loopholes to others.  I don’t think any knight could follow every single … Continue Reading

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