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Phinney Blog 11

Over the past few weeks, I have really enjoyed being immersed in a world of heroes. Two of my favorite characters that we discussed were V and Melba. I had background knowledge on these heroes but had never studied them explicitly. V was one of my favorites because of what he symbolized. He was a voice that fought for freedom, … Continue Reading

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MLK Jr. Blog XC Phinney

Written in his collections of sermons Strength to Love (1963), Martin Luther King Jr. expresses, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” This expression was relative to “being a good neighbor” and can be found in Chapter Three of the … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 10

The hero V in the film V for Vendetta sacrificed a great deal to fight for the freedoms of all of members of the nation. Little about is background is revealed through the film; however, the audience is aware that V escaped from a concentration camp with severe physical and mental injuries. These injuries were just some of the sacrifices … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 9 The Pentagon March

The Pentagon March occurred October 19-21, 1967. This weekend “marked a major turning point in the development of militant antigovernment protest” (26). The purpose was to “Confront the Warmakers” (26). There were over 100,000 participants in the weekend’s march who believed that the war between the United States and Vietnam was unjust because the draft was forcing men to risk … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 8

To Kill a Mockingbird demonstrates that the line between good and bad guys is blurry, especially in the perception of Atticus and the Ewells. In the novel, Lee presents Atticus as a hero. He is an everyday lawyer who has taken on a highly controversial case. He told Scout, “If I couldn’t hold my head up in town, I couldn’t … Continue Reading

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Trent Steelman: Soldier, Athlete, Student. (Phinney) Often times when contemplating military heroes, we think of those who have served overseas, those who have been involved in dangerous missions, and those who have lost their lives protecting our country. However, I feel there is one group of soldiers that is often overlooked as heroes, the United States Military Academy Corps of Cadets. Trent Steelman is … Continue Reading

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E is for Everyone: Phinney Blog 6

E is for Everyone. At the end of the film V for Vendetta, Eric Finch, the Chief of New Scotland Yard and Minister of Investigations, asks protagonist Evey Hammond, “Who was he?” in regards to V. Evey responds with, “He was Edmond Dantès, and he was my father, and my mother, my brother, my friend. He was you, and me. … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 5

  The Joker, the antagonist in The Dark Knight, is “an agent of chaos.” He is one of those men, Alfred says that “just wants to watch the world burn.” This aspect of the Joker’s character makes him exceptionally alluring. There is no reason behind his madness, with the exception of a slightly tainted childhood; he just has an inclination … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 4

     Although many have argued before the Beowulf was a Christian based off of the scriptural evidence intertwined in the literature, the scriptural passages are all directly from the Old Testament, which was written at a time in which Christianity did not even exist, therefore the evidence practically negates itself. One such example of a reference to the Old … Continue Reading

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Phinney Blog 3

After reading and discussing The Rules of Courtly Love and The Code of Chivalry, it is blatant that it’s impossible to abide to all of these rules for many contradict one another. Additionally, there are rules that are not applicable in all situations. It is for these reasons amongst others that the knights cannot be completely perfect. However, Sir Gawain, … Continue Reading

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