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Kmeyerhoff Blog 11

Most of the heroes that we learned about were interesting.  My favorites were V and Melba.  Before this class I had never seen V for Vendetta before.  I had heard mixed views about the film, but never got a chance to watch it.  I found the movie to be extremely interesting and well done.  The story line made a lot … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff MLK post

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” This quote was used in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Letter from Birmingham Jail.  King wrote this letter from jail in response to some white religious leaders in the south.  He was in jail at the time for being a participant in a movement against segregation.  King made this specific statement about … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 10

V in V for Vendetta sacrificed a lot for the greater good.   He understood that it would take a lot to accomplish his goal and knew what he would be giving up, but ultimately decided that it was worth it.  When V first set out to overthrow the government, he knew it could entail sacrificing his own life.  At that … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 9

Matthew Shepard was a student at the University of Wyoming who was murdered for being openly gay.  Matthew was killed by two peers that brought him to a remote area and proceeded to torture him.  During the process of torturing him, they tied him to a fence where they left him to die.  Matthew Shepard’s death was a hate crime … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 8

The good guy versus bad guy line is often blurred.  People, especially anti and folk heroes, are technically “bad guys” in some way because most of them are living outside of law.  People that live outside of the law are taking part in illegal activities.  Even though illegal activities are bad, I do think that some of these anti and … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 7

The idea of a soldier being a hero I find to be complicated.  Although I do think that soldiers are heroes and give up a lot in order to save the lives of others, I do not agree with war.  I would rather our soldiers not to have to put their lives in danger in the first place.  Since this … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 6

The letter that I am choosing is D for darkness.  Throughout the movie, everything is dark.   The movie starts out with a dark scene and it never seems to get brighter. Every location shown in the movie maintains certain darkness to it.  The movie begins with Evey out alone in the dark.  Then once she is saved by V, she … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 5

Mikael is portrayed as intelligent, clever, strong and depressed.  Throughout the movie, Mikael’s character is meant to be empathized.  He has run into a problem with his latest journalist story, he has a distant relationship with his family and he may be losing his business.  With his career and personal life in a slump, people are empathetic towards Mikael. Mikael … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 4

I think that Beowulf was a Christian.  Although his original intents when going to help save the Danes from Grendel seem to be for the glorification of his name, on some level a person has to want to truly save the lives of others when putting themselves in danger.  Putting the lives of these people who aren’t even from his … Continue Reading

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Kmeyerhoff Blog 3

As a Knight, Gawain did uphold many of the expectations put upon him.  One code of Chivalry that I think Gawain displayed very well was the one stating “Live to serve King and Country”.  Since Gawain was a Knight, it can be assumed that he had been faithful to his King and Country.  Knights are people that physically protect their … Continue Reading

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