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JSilverman MLK Extra Credit Blog

Martin Luther King was a great hero of our past time, he did and said many things that make the world the place that it is today. One quote that I found interesting and that reflects modern society is, “All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” This is true today because … Continue Reading

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JSilverman Blog 11

These three weeks of class have been very interesting. It has been great learning about heroes and all of the different types of heroes there truly are. Before coming to class I never really thought about tragic hero, anti hero, folk hero, etc. I always just put everyone under one category as hero. A few characters that I would have … Continue Reading

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JSilverman Blog 10

Two heroes that I compared were Antigone (from class) and John Q (Denzel Washington in the movie John Q). When Antigones brother is denied burial by the king, she is willing to go against the law and sacrifice her life for what she believes in, and for a family member. The same goes for John Q. His son develops a … Continue Reading

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JSilverman Blog post 9

In this article Sunni Arab Tribesmen have taken over the center of Samarra for weeks to stand up to their government  The government was taken over by shiites in late December and the protests started in early January. The protesters have shown no sign of slowing down. Thousands, exclusively men, brave the January cold and huddle together over cups of bitter coffee … Continue Reading

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JSilverman Blog Post 8

Terrorism is often defined as the systematic use of terror and fear, especially as a means of coercion. While Justice is defined as the quality of being fair and reasonable. I feel like these go hand in hand as while a terrorist is always considered bad, they still deserve justice or the right to be treated fair until they are … Continue Reading

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Jsilverman Blog 7-Soldier

Soldiers that fight for our country all over the world are considered the greatest heroes of all. They are not only fighting for themselves but for millions of other people who they will never even know. They protect our country from all threats and we wouldn’t have safety or freedom without them. One story that I thought was really heroic … Continue Reading

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Jsilverman Blog post 6

F is for Freedom. Freedom is taken for granted in life when there is nothing going against it. When there is facism, like in this movie, people must fight for their freedom at all costs. If you don’t then they will snatch it from you. We must always fight for freedom even if it causes struggle.   “Equality and freedom … Continue Reading

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Jsilverman Blog 5

  When many people see Don Corleone, they think the Godfather. The classic mob boss in one of the most popular movies of our time. Even though he is part of an illegal activity in the movie, he is still my one of my favorite characters for this reason. He knows what he wants in life and he knows how … Continue Reading

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jsilverman Blog 4-Pagan Vs Christian

In Beowulf there are many clear cut examples of Paganism and Christianity. While it is tough to decide which one is the more dominating religion, I would say christianity seems more relevant throughout the story. One example is when he says “‘God must decide who will be given to death’s cold grip’.” He knows that God has already decided his fate … Continue Reading

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jsilverman Blog 3 Chivalry

One rule that I don’t quite understand in regards to Gautiers code of Chivalry is respect life and freedom. Many times being a hero requires you to take someone else’s life and freedom. For example in Odysseus  while he definitely wrongs certain people he is considered a hero, and he gains a lot of his hubris by killing many men throughout his journeys. … Continue Reading

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